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About Craving Rain

Based in Canada, on the small, yet mighty, Vancouver Island, B.C. Craving Rain is an acoustic, alternative rock duo featuring the haunting vocals of Jasmine Wietzke and the intricate guitar rhythms of Tyrell Beal. Craving Rain’s music won’t bring us world peace or solve world hunger, but it might just help feed your soul in these rough and tumble times. Their sound is melodic alt rock and acoustic flow. It’s powerful and tenacious, yet soothing and emotionally vulnerable. Craving Rain will surely guide you into a state of hypnotic bliss.


Calgary raised and now an honorary Vancouver Island babe, Jasmine has been singing and writing songs since she was fourteen years old. Her vast array of musical endeavors and experiences started in an all-girls high school band called, “Fake This Moment,” which later transitioned into a melodic-rock band called “Before The Storm.” Jasmine’s next rock band, “This Day Burns,” played shows all over the South Island and released two 7-song EP’s before the band disassembled in 2017. Months before TDB fell apart, Jasmine set out to start a more vocally driven acoustic project, which evolved into Craving Rain. Her self titled debut album, created in collaboration with an amazingly skilled guitar player named Lucius, was released on the spring equinox, March 19, 2020.


Jasmine has been a part of other interesting projects and the most exciting one was in 2006 when she made the top 50 in the world (top 6 in Canada) for the reality TV show, “Rockstar Supernova,” starring Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) and Jason Newstead (Metallica). Jasmine’s musical influences include: Flyleaf, Tool, Silverchair, The Cranberries, Meg Myers, City and Colour, and Nirvana.


Hailing from Vancouver Island’s coastal town of Qualicum Beach, Tyrell Beal, frontman of the hard-rock/heavy-metal band Sonderous, is the newest addition to the band. Tyrell’s inspiration to start playing guitar began around the age of 5 when he first heard the soulful sounds of blues greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan. From there he found himself falling into a world of classic rock sounds like Boston, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and more. A phase of lust for southern rock like Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd and 38 special deepened his love for guitar driven music and in time he would find himself getting into heavier music in his teen years. From Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to Metallica and eventually into more modern metal sounds like Trivium and Bullet for My Valentine, the door opened for more intensity. As his curiosity for music grew, his tastes ventured into more progressive bands… the likes of Tool, Dream Theater, Mastodon, Gojira, Tesseract, to name a few. By the time he was 18, he was sure he wanted to write his own music, and so he attended jazz school for guitar in Nanaimo, BC and began vocal training. Not long after, he dropped out of the jazz program and moved to Victoria to start a band. That band would become Sonderous in 2016. A few years down the road, his desire for creative diversity grew and the universe introduced him to Jasmine and her project, Craving Rain.


Jasmine and Tyrell’s artistic relationship is fresh, yet the music that exhales from their hearts embrace one another as long lost friends, reunited. Follow this charismatic duo on their intuitive journey to provoke musical enthusiasm and self expression, in the most beautiful of ways.