--> 4 Days Left to Take Advantage of the Pre-Sale! | Craving Rain

This has been the most exciting year so far!!! Not even just musically (*coughs* EP Release *coughs*), but with the rest of my life…Let me explain.

So far this year, I’ve gone to Mexico and went on a TON of adventures, got engaged to my dream man, and am now in the process of purchasing my dream property. I really have so much to be grateful for! (How the f*** did this happen??)

To top it off, all the feedback, support and enthusiasm about our EP release/pre-sale/launch day I’ve been seeing makes my heart explode with excitement. It motivates me to want to write more music! So, thank you. You are the shi*t.

Now onto the point of this post…

The pre-sale for our debut EP is coming to an end this Wednesday night (March 18, 2020 @11:59pm PST), leading up to the official EP launch day, Thursday, March 19, 2020. I picked March 19 for the release date because it’s the spring equinox! I thought it would be cool…and it’s the start of warmer weather (hopefully)…

If you have been meaning to check out the merch page, now is the time. You can purchase special items like autographed EP’s, signed photos, and exclusive access to song meaning and guitar tutorial videos for each of the songs on the EP. These will only be available during the pre-sale aka the next 4 days, so hurry your butt! You’ll be making history with us and you won’t be forgotten. Every dollar goes towards all the costs that go into putting out our next EP. Also, everything will be at a discount, but only till Wednesday eve!

Thanks again for all your love. I’m catapulting all that energy back at ya. If I could hug you right now, I would (unless you have corona virus…lol)!

Over & out.